What To Do About Foot Pain

If you are experiencing foot pain, a good first step is to visit your local podiatrist. A podiatrist is a foot doctor who handles all kinds of different conditions of the feet. For example they can treat fungal toenails, maladies that make foot painful, even some that cause pain ankle foot region. They are educated and trained in care and treatment of the foot so this may be a better option than heading to your general practitioner. However for some insurance plans you will need to see your primary care provider first, then he or she will need to refer you to a podiatrist.

There are many different causes of pain in the feet and ankles. A sprained ankle can cause pain not only in the ankle, but radiating down to the foot as well. It can also make walking difficult and in many cases rest, ice and heat are prescribed until the sprain has healed enough to walk without pain. Bone spurs in the feet can also be noticeable and painful, and usually must be removed via surgery. Calluses and corns on the toes are usually from wearing certain types of shoes, and sometimes you can treat these at home. Rough, cracked heels can also be treated at home most of the time.

Another benign cause of foot pain is tying your shoelaces too tight. This puts pressure on the top of the foot and can cause pain and bruising. If your shoes are causing your feet distress, try inserting gel insoles for protective padding. Many women find their toes are tortured by high heels; however there are now dress shoes including heels that are made to be comfortable and easy on the feet. Another reason why your feet may be hurting is due to broken toes or an injury to the toe. This may be caused by dropping a heavy object on the feet or severely stubbing the toes.

So to recap, it is first wise to evaluate your foot pain. Take notes for your doctor if you have to. The important information is where the pain is located, what the foot looks like, if any injury has been suffered and how long the problem has been going on. In some cases a visit to the doctor may be unnecessary, there are products on the market for aching feet, corns, calluses, uncomfortable shoes and more. Also you may be able to find home remedies for mild fungal toenails or athlete's foot.



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