Athlete Foot Cream Can Get Rid Of Fungal Infection

If you have symptoms of tinea pedis, or athlete's foot, then you need something to rid yourself of the infection before it gets worse. There is athlete foot cream on the market that you can pick up for under $10 to eradicate this problem. One example is Lamisil, which comes in OTC cream for athlete's foot. Simply follow the directions on the package and the cream should do its job. Usually the cream is to be applied to clean, dry feet one or more times daily. There are also powders containing ingredients like miconazole that can work for this condition.

For severe cases of athlete's foot, it may be necessary to see a podiatrist, or foot doctor. In order for some insurance policies to cover the visit, you might need to be referred by your primary care doctor first. Your podiatrist may have a prescription cream or powder that you can try. In the worst cases of athlete's foot, oral antifungal medications may be prescribed. The problem with many of these drugs is that they can be taxing on the liver. So patients with liver problems or those taking other prescriptions may not be able to take these prescription antifungal medications.

There are some home remedies for mild cases of athlete's foot you may want to try. One of the most popular is soaking the feet in a solution of vinegar and water. This is extremely affordable, easy and can sometimes heal the problem. You may find other home remedies online including vinegar soaks which some people claim can also get rid of the fungus. If you are someone who prefers natural remedies this might be something you will want to try before turning to over the counter creams or powders. Although athlete's foot is not pleasant, it can be cured through a variety of different methods.

Although athlete foot cream can be effective, prevention is a wise way to ensure you won't need any such remedy. Many cases of athlete's foot are contracted in moist areas like gym locker rooms and swimming pool locker rooms where people walk barefoot. Always wear waterproof shoes in these areas and do not share towels or other items. Choose socks and shoes made from breathable materials so air can circulate to keep feet dry. Moist conditions are ideal for the Trichophyton fungus to grow, which is the cause of athlete's foot.



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