Discovering An Effective Athletes Foot Cure

Athlete's foot is a condition that many people will deal with at some point or another. Because it is so common, you can easily find an effective athletes foot cure. This condition is a fungal infection caused by the Trichophyton fungus. You may hear it called tinea pedis by your doctor or even ringworm of the foot. The first step is recognizing the symptoms of this infection before seeking athletes foot treatment. The signs of tinea pedis are quite universal and easy to distinguish.

You may find the soles of your feet (or one foot) are red and dry. Between the toes may be scaly, itchy, flaky and red. The feet may also burn and the skin may peel. This is uncomfortable but certainly not untreatable. There are quite a few athletes foot cures available. There are home remedies, over the counter treatments and even prescription athletes foot treatment for severe cases of this fungal infection. The severity of your athlete's foot is a good way to distinguish which treatment is best for you. Many people start off with home remedies or over the counter treatments.

One home remedy for athlete's foot is to soak the affected foot in a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water, for approximately 20 minutes. This can be repeated a few times daily. If this is not effective, check your local drugstore for over the counter remedies. Lamisil is a popular brand name treatment for this fungal infection. There are creams and powders that can get rid of athlete's foot if used as directed. If these treatments are not effective, your doctor or podiatrist may prescribe an oral medication as a last resort. Some oral medications are hard on the liver and/or kidneys so care must be taken when considering these.

Preventing athlete's foot is even easier than finding an athletes foot cure. Always wear shoes of some sort when in locker rooms, as these are prime places for the fungus to breed and spread. Even when outdoors, do not go barefoot. Shoes should be crafted from breathable material such as leather, as opposed to vinyl which traps moisture. Also, socks are best made from cotton which allows air to reach the feet so they stay dry. Keeping the feet clean, dry and covered can be the best defense against the problem of athlete's foot.



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