Athletes Foot Symptoms

The condition known as athlete's foot, or tinea pedis, is caused by fungus. To be exact, it is the Trichophyton fungus that causes this infection. Ringworm of the foot is another term used to describe athlete's foot. There are distinctive athletes foot symptoms that can help you identify this problem. You may notice itching, burning and/or peeling. Redness, scaling and flaking of the skin may also be present. The majority of the symptoms occur between the toes, however the soles of the feet may be red and dry.

While the cause of this problem is fungus, it can often be avoided with preventative measures. Wearing socks and shoes made from breathable materials can help. For example, leather shoes as opposed to vinyl can help keep air circulating to the feet. Wearing flip flops in your gym locker room or swimming pool locker room is another good preventative measure. Tinea pedis is contagious, most often picked up from these very areas on the floor where others with the condition have gone barefoot. These are not the only places you can get athletes foot, but they are the most common.

If you do contract a case of athlete's foot, it can be treated with over the counter medications. There are powders and creams at drugstores made for this very purpose. Lamisil is one brand name you've probably heard of. Many of the products contain an ingredient called miconazole, a fungus fighter. If you want to try a home remedy, soak the affected foot in a solution of one part vinegar to four parts water for about 20 minutes daily, or even twice daily. If none of the above treatments get rid of the problem your doctor may prescribe an oral antifungal medication. These medicines are the last resort for most people as they can put strain on the liver.

Now that you know about athletes foot symptoms you are better equipped to catch this condition early. The earlier you do recognize it, the more likely home treatments will be successful. Also practice good hygiene of the feet and never go barefoot to avoid picking up this fungal infection. It is a quite common condition and with all the treatments available is no reason for panic. While it can be unsightly and uncomfortable, it can be treated easily in most cases.



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