How To Fix Cracked Dry Feet

The problem of cracked, dry feet is one that many people experience at some point during their lives. In many cases, the problem is caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes. Many women who've spent most of their lives in high heels may find their feet are very dry. If a person goes barefoot outdoors, they may suffer from this problem. Even the aging process can make feet more dry. And, conditions like diabetes may play a role. So there are many different causes for the problem of dry feet that may also crack.

For cases of dry feet not related to a medical condition like diabetes (which should be treated by a doctor) there are many products that can help solve the problem. If you head to the local drugstore, you will find that cream for dry feet is sold in abundance. There are many different brands and formulations for the feet. Peppermint lotions, butters and creams are popular for foot massages because along with moisturizing the mint imparts a pleasant fragrance and cooling tingle. Avocado is another popular ingredient for moisturizing creams because of the natural humectant properties.

You may require a heavy duty cream for dry feet. Curel is one brand that makes an intensive healing cream. Neutrogena has a Norwegian cream for dry, cracked feet that is highly rated. Another popular healing lotion is Gold Bond, who also makes powder for feet. If you get pedicures or decide to start getting pedicures, your nail tech can not only recommend a product but sell it to you from their salon. While salon products are more expensive than drugstore products in some cases they are worth the extra expense.

Many people who suffer from cracked, dry feet have the most trouble with their heels. The heels are the most sucseptible area of the feet for drying and cracking. And, they are often the hardest to treat. You may want to try sloughing off dry, dead skin with a pumice stone or buffer made for this purpose. After exfoliating, soak the feet in a moisturizing concoction. Afterwards, apply a rich cream or heel balm to the area, and cover the feet with cotton socks. The socks will raise the temperature of the feet which helps the ingredients to penetrate, as well as holding in the moisture.



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