Recognizing Fungus Fingernail

The fingernails are often an indicator of personal health. This is why your doctor should take a look at your nails when you have a physical exam. Most of the time, your nails are usually indicative of minor problems or no problems at all. For example if you are worried about nail ridges and lines, they are almost always normal. Fungus fingernail infections are one of the conditions that may be quite noticeable that you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

Finger nail fungus is a problem that unfortunately does not have a quick fix. However, the earlier you catch the infection the easier it will be to eradicate. Fungus of the nails is not green like many people think. It may be whitish yellow, yellow or brown in color. This is the first indication that something is wrong. If left untreated, the nail will become thicker, then crumbly as the infection degrades nail protein and feeds off dead skin. Eventually fungal infections of the nail may be painful. At this point it is imperative to seek treatment if you haven't already done so.

One condition that may look like fungus but is not is an invasion of Pseudomonas bacteria. This bacteria gets under the nail bed and causes a green area. The number one treatment is to keep nails dry as possible, trim regularly and simply wait for the green spot to grow out as the nail grows. Red or black spots on nails may also make you think of fungus, but usually these are due to direct nail injury and will also fade and grow out over time. Brittle nails, while common in many people especially as they age, are also not a direct indicator of a fungus infection.

When it comes to treating fungus fingernail problems, there are oral medications that may be recommended or prescribed. The only issue with these is that they may put strain on the liver. This means you will be advised not to take them if you have liver problems or if you take other medications that are also hard on the liver. There are very few topical treatments that work for nail fungus, however many people swear by remedies like vinegar and tea tree oil. Both vinegar and tea tree oil are safe to use, however if they don't fix the problem you will need professional care.



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