What Causes Green Nail?

If you have a green nail on a finger or toe, you may think it is part of nail fungus symptoms. However, very rarely is a green discoloration an indication of fungus. Most of the time, it is caused by bacteria called Pseudomonas. This bacteria grows underneath the nail if there is space between it and the nail bed. It produces the green color, but little else. The good news is that this bacteria is easier to treat than the average case of nail fungus.

The number one thing to do about the Pseudomonas bacteria is to keep the nail dry. Under no circumstances should it get wet, and if it does it must be dried thoroughly. Even with gloves, moisture may seep through. The bacteria feeds on moisture, so keeping the nail dry helps get rid of the bacteria. The nail should be kept trimmed short, and in a few months the green discoloration should grow out. If for some reason it does not go away, a doctor can take a look and might prescribe something to treat the problem.

Bruises on the nail bed may look greenish in color, though usually you will notice red or black areas which are from injury. There is nothing to do for this other than wait for it to grow out, however if you have nail discoloration but have not injured the nail a doctor should take a look to rule out underlying medical conditions. Other conditions such as brittle nails and yellow tinted nails may mimic fungus but could be caused by wearing nail polish without a base coat or a condition called senile nails caused by the natural aging process. These issues are harmless and the best course of action is keeping nails hydrated and well manicured with a strengthening enamel.

For green nail, the above advice should help remedy the problem. Nail fungus symptoms include whitish or yellowish discoloration, thickening of the nails and eventually, crumbling of the nails. Fungal nails might even cause pain in the later stages if left untreated. To treat a case of nail fungus, talk to a doctor or podiatrist. There are oral prescription medications and a few topical treatments as well. Your doctor might even recommend some over the counter treatments or home remedies that he or she may believe could cure the problem.



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