Finding A Home Remedy Nail Fungus Treatment

Are you seeking a home remedy nail fungus treatment? If so, there are a variety of reported home remedies you can try to take care of your fungal nail problem. Be advised that home remedies are not guaranteed to work, nor are they for everyone. However if you would like to try a treatment at home that is natural and gentle, a home remedy might be a good first step. For some people, the home remedy they chose will eradicate nail fungus, for others a trip to the doctor is the second step if the fungus does not go away.

There are many home remedies for you to consider. One is treatment with tea tree oil. This oil is rich in anti fungal, antibacterial and astringent properties. It is also often used for scrapes, burns and even to treat acne. It can be applied using a cotton swab as close to the fungus infected area as possible. The aim is to get the oil under the nail so it can penetrate the fungus. Tea tree oil is safe, natural, affordable and found at any store that carries essential oils.

Some people claim that yogurt with active cultures can help treat fungus as well. If you are going to go this route, of soaking your infected finger or toe in a cup of yogurt, make it Greek yogurt which contains beneficial live cultures and is thick and protein packed. You can spread the yogurt on and around the infected area also, then allow it to dry before rinsing and drying the finger or toe. Another unconventional method is white vinegar, applying it to the fungus may help keep things in check. Even rubbing alcohol applied to the area then lightly covered with a band-aid may help.

If you find that no home remedy nail fungus treatment seems to slow the progression of your nail fungus, it may be time for professional treatment. It takes months for results from any treatment to manifest because the nail grows out and the fungus with it. By killing the fungus it cannot spread and make the infection worse. In the first stages all you may notice is discoloration, but as a fungal nail infection progresses the nail gets thick and crumbly, and pain may result. By this time you will probably need medication as a home remedy may not be strong enough.



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