Nail Foot Fungus Signs

One of the most common places to find fungal infections are the toenails. You can recognize nail foot fungus infections by universal symptoms that point towards this kind of infection. Contrary to popular belief, nail fungus is rarely, if ever, green in color. You may notice brown, yellow, white or a combination of these colors on your nail. This is the first indication that there is a fungal issue. As a nail infection fungus grows, it causes thick and crumbling nails and eventually pain in the area. This is late stage fungal infection and a sure sign you need a doctor's care.

So the first sign to look for is the discoloration. This is the time that you want to seek treatment for the problem before it gets any worse. There are prescription medications, over the counter treatments and even home remedies. A couple of prescription drugs used to treat fungal infections include Itraconazole and Terbinafine just to name two. Some drugs prescribed by your doctor take a toll on liver function therefore some patients are not good candidates and others must be monitored carefully while on these medications. There are a few topical prescriptions however they are rarely used because they are thought to be less effective than oral medications.

While your doctor may not recommend or endorse home remedies, some like the application of tea tree oil or Vicks Vapo-Rub to the affected area can be tried with little or no side effects. Although it takes months, if not a year, for you to know if the fungus is all gone, you can at least tell as time progresses if it is getting any worse. If not, then you know whatever treatment you are using is probably working. You might also want to check the drugstore for OTC medications, although you'll find more products for athlete's foot than you will for nail fungus.

One of the best ways to deal with nail foot fungus is not to get it in the first place. Prevention is quite simple. Fungus is all over, so you cannot stay away from it. However you can avoid touching it with your feet by wearing shoes all the time, especially in community showers and pool locker rooms. Don't go barefoot outdoors, either. After bathing dry feet thoroughly as moisture is a friend to fungus. Simple actions like these can prevent you from getting a fungal infection.



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