Nail Fungus Toe Symptoms

Many people suffer from nail fungus toe symptoms. Fungus is natural and is all around us, therefore it cannot be avoided completely. You can, however, keep your feet safe by always wearing shoes, keeping your feet dry as possible and never going barefoot in any sort of community shower such as at the local pool or gym. However despite your best efforts, you might find yourself with toe nail fungus. The problem is usually mild to moderate and requires easy treatment.

Symptoms of toe nail fungus can be distinguished by the color of the nail. You might think that all fungus is green, but in fact a nail fungus toe problem may manifest as brown or yellow. If left untreated, the nail will thicken and separate from the nail bed. In time, it will actually start to crumble because the fungus is exuding chemicals that damage the nail and breaking down essential protein. The final stages of nail fungus are painful, and at this point the problem can be difficult to get rid of. This is why with most all medical conditions, early detection is key. The earlier you catch fungus of the nail, the easier it will be to get rid of.

There are prescription medications, over the counter treatments and even home remedies for toenail fungus. Lamisil is a popular medicine that is taken orally for fungal infections and applied topically for conditions like athlete's foot. Your podiatrist can tell you which medicine is best for your particular needs. Some of the oral prescriptions may not be recommended for those with liver or kidney problems. Home remedies include everything from soaking the toe in white vinegar to applying tea tree oil with a cotton swab in an attempt to get it under the nail.

You may think you have nail fungus toe symptoms but actually have something else going on. For example, there is a certain kind of bacteria that can get under the nail and cause it to turn green, but it is not as harmful as nail fungus and is easily treated. Injury to the nail may cause dark spots from hematoma, or white spots on the nail. If you notice ridges and lines on your nail, don't panic. In most cases these are normal, very rarely do they indicate a more serious medical problem.



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