How To Find The Right Toenail Fungus Remedy

No one wants to deal with nail fungus. However, there are toenail fungus remedy options that may help you get rid of this unsightly and sometimes painful problem. The first step is to determine whether or not you actually have nail fungus, as there are conditions that may fool you into thinking they are fungal when they are not. For example, the Pseudomonas bacteria causes green nails but is not a fungus and is a rather benign problem. Ridges and brittle nails also do not mean there is a fungal issue.

Fungus of the nail is identified by its yellow-brown coloration. This is the first indication, later on the nail may thicken and even start to crumble from protein degradation and the invasion of the fungus. In late stages, nail fungus might actually be painful. So whatever toe nail fungus remedy you go for, start as soon as you identify fungus of the nail. Early detection of this problem can help keep it under control and make it easier to cure.

If you like natural treatments, you might be in the market for a home remedy for nail fungus. If you do an online search you will find no shortage of claims out there. One thing that you might find, and that should be avoided, is treating your fungus with household bleach, this is simply not safe. However there are many treatments that are safe, including applications of tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, Vicks Vapo-Rub (because of the thymol ingredient) and even yogurt with live bacteria cultures. Also keeping the area dry and never going barefoot can help speed healing although fungus takes a long time to go away.

For some people a home remedy for nail fungus does not work. If you are one of those people, see your primary care provider or a podiatrist for help. They can recommend a toenail fungus remedy that is strong enough to take care of your individual case of infection. Some of the prescription drugs out there are hard on your liver and kidneys, so doctors use care when prescribing them. For mild cases your doctor might recommend some sort of over the counter remedy or prescribe a topical treatment. If your fungal infection gets no worse, you can assume it is being treated effectively. The unsightly discoloration grows out with the nail itself.



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